Financial Technology Solutions

We invest in innovation to amalgamate best in class technologies – EPM, Intelligent Automations & Analytics thereby giving an enhanced user experience, maximum efficiencies and optimum ROI

Financial Technology Solutions

We invest in innovation to amalgamate best in class technologies – EPM, Intelligent Automations & Analytics thereby giving an enhanced user experience, maximum efficiencies and optimum ROI

Our aim is to enable intelligent performance analytics and reporting platforms using latest automations to place timely, accurate and insightful information to stakeholders for their disclosures and decision making. We learn, we evolve, we transform. We use technology to enhance work life balance.


Enterprise Performance Management

Our EPM solution avoids silos and creates an integration between complimenting processes and systems to provide a seamless enterprise performance management and analytics experience

We build EPM systems to establish synergies between “Planning → Actual Performance → Cost & Profitability Analysis → Strategic Decision Making”

Our EPM solutions fit well within your organisation, across subsidiaries, departments thus providing an Unified EPM platform for analysis and decision making

Many organizations struggle to streamline Planning & Budgeting processes. Most of the times, Strategic Goals are not aligned with Operational and Financial goals thus leading to a delinked plan. Striking the right balance between these processes is very essential for organizations that strive to be performance and growth oriented. Data challenges (volumes, accuracy, unavailability) coupled with process inefficiencies results in failure to provide timely data for analysis and reporting, thus puts the entire Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting process out of gear and keeping the analysis far from reality.
  • Strategic Finance
  • Planning & Forecasting
Accounting scandals have increased the limelight on Statutory compliances and reporting. CFO’s need to be confident of their reporting systems, internal checks and controls. The need for a fully integrated financial close and reporting system is an investment which organizations can no longer postpone. Organizations have onus of certifying and ensuring traceability throughout the journey of the reported data in the financial close cycle – transaction recording → consolidation → reporting. Account reconciliations play a crucial role on the path of data accuracy and traceability and boosts auditors and organizations confidence in the reported data
  • Accounts Reconciliation
  • Consolidation and Close

Ignoring profitability, always comes at a very high cost, and at times, a delayed but certain risk on business continuity. By ignoring profitability, we mean ignoring the composition and advanced analysis of the bottom line.

For an accurate analysis of bottom line we need to have visibility beyond Direct Costs, and techniques for indirect cost analysis have to be far superior than simple allocations of indirect costs across segments.

Does your master data facilitate a single version of truth? Organisations have disparate systems and their segments and master data, are seldom aligned and centralized throughout the organisation. Even if centralized the process of maintenance, update is manual and time consuming and lacks traceability. As an organisation grows organically and sometimes by mergers and acquisitions, the number of systems they have increases, therefore it becomes essential to manage hierarchical master data

Absence of enterprise master data management, forces users within organizations to independently source, model, manage and store data. Uncoordinated approaches by various segments of the organization can result in data conflicts and data quality, integrity inconsistencies thereby lowering the trustworthiness of data used for operations and reporting.


Automation is changing the rules of the game across all industries. However, even as many companies explore the possibilities through pilot projects, they struggle to scale automation across the enterprise. And, too often, benefits do not meet expectations.

We believe that successful automation processes requires a culture and process change more than just adopting new technologies.

We collaborate with you on an end-to-end automation journey that begins by aligning the organization around the opportunity—and what it will take to capture it—and progresses through every stage of business and technical planning, culminating in successful deployment and realization of full potential value.

We also help you build a scalable digital workforce and center of excellence.



Information Technology

Human Resources

We can help your Robotic Process Automation Journey at any stage

Thinking about it

Decision taken

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Analytics and Visualisation

Analytics and Visualisation

We help conquer data and overcome challenges to analyze data

Evolving technologies and usage of digital platforms exploded quantity and complexity of data and most of the companies struggle to unlock its potential. We help conquer data and overcome challenges to analyze data.

We help extract maximum value from all data assets, no matter how unstructured they are. Our analytics experts collaborate with your reporting team to tackle most daunting data and reporting challenges. Our services yield results quickly and also build the center of excellence to extend new data prowess.

We apply latest analytics and reporting techniques and robust tools in the market to help generate insights that yield better, faster decisions. From customer experience to employee engagement, our analytics and reporting experts can help you analyse your operations and transform your data into a perpetual source of value.